Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A piece of heArt

-A piece of heArt -
Love is a tricky thing, I see it like an art
Some are unsure of what it is, or from where it starts
Some try to analyze it over the top
They give it too little time and too much thought
What does it mean, giving someone your whole heart?
Like a car without an engine, how are we able start?
I say love is beyond that, love is deeper than the sea
Love means so much more than both you and me
The concept of love these days is a heartbreak waiting to form
But in my eyes love is learning to dance even when it storms
Sharing the good and the bad, the happiness and pain
Learning from what you had, and being thankful for what you gain.
Dont lose who you are, by giving your heart away
Let them find your love, hold onto your heart so it's remains okay.
It'd be insane to give someone the freedom to break it beyond repair
Than what do you have left, when no longer your heart you can share?
Find peace inside of you, and follow the passion of your hearts desires,
In doing this, and remaining true, you'll live life fully inspired.
No one can see a painting exactly as the one who painted it will do,
But some can capture the idea of what it is the painter drew.
Either way he shared it, he shared his dreams for others to see
And that to me is like love, putting yourself out there,
...saying this is ME
-Kiera Smith  12/21/2010

I just put this lil movie together(let me know if you guys are able to watch it...just click on the video and then hit spacebar i think) anyways, its a few videos from the last month of things i've done, and one of my all time favorite songs. I absolutely LOVE iMovie application on my macbook pro, its the first time i used it, and it was fun. As you'll be able to see i put it together really quickly, but its kinda cool. enjoy.

x x x x x x Kiera

p.s --- as you kan tell this post was a lot more personal...i'll b throwing some of these in this blog just because i kan, and i enjoy sharing these things. They are as much part of me as fashion, this is part of my daily inspirations. I love writing in general, i write a lot of poems, songs, stories, and i love taking pictures as well as making video's out of them. Most of my posts i am going to keep based on fashion, but since this is my personal blog, i'll have some of these too. I am doing a really cool event before Christmas, so i will blog again soon, those who are really into fashion will love it!  <3 Lots of love to you all, and hope you are all having wonderful holidays so far!!!! MWAH

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