Thursday, 16 June 2011

Turning 25---

Its my birthday this Sunday, June 19 :) Kant believe i will be turning 25, it feels like just yesterday I was flying to miami for my first time ever to meet my first modeling agency Page.305 (Page Parkes)....and this happened now 11 years ago....
Or just yesterday i was living in milano, and that was 10 years ago,
I have been through so much the last 10 years, its incredible. So grateful for every experience i've been through, it has brought me to who i am today!
But, man does time fly... But i am happy to say, and absolutely thankful, i am at the best place i've ever been in my life. This last year i have gone through so many transitions.

I thought i would post another personal blog, sharing part of me with you all...

I am going to be making a few fun video's to share with you all about my life, and going thru the last decade with you as well. I will post these video's next week when i am finished with them <3

I'll be starting with my birthday this Sunday, and go thru the last 10 years...with pics and videos, put to my favorite songs, I'd love to hear your guy's thots, idea's, or anything, i'd like to hear from you! :)

Lots of LOVE



Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Special lil note

Hey guys, just writing a quick note to share with you that i have something special i am going to post this weekend.... Its an inside look on the events I take part of - from the organizing the events, to the sponsoring, to the red carpet and well, just the overall event/afterparty. It will feature some celebrities as well as my brother Jeremy and I :) haha....I'm excited to share it with you all. I think you will all really enjoy checking out what it is i've been up to lately <3

Lots of love

Talk to u guys soon 

X Kiera X

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A piece of heArt

-A piece of heArt -
Love is a tricky thing, I see it like an art
Some are unsure of what it is, or from where it starts
Some try to analyze it over the top
They give it too little time and too much thought
What does it mean, giving someone your whole heart?
Like a car without an engine, how are we able start?
I say love is beyond that, love is deeper than the sea
Love means so much more than both you and me
The concept of love these days is a heartbreak waiting to form
But in my eyes love is learning to dance even when it storms
Sharing the good and the bad, the happiness and pain
Learning from what you had, and being thankful for what you gain.
Dont lose who you are, by giving your heart away
Let them find your love, hold onto your heart so it's remains okay.
It'd be insane to give someone the freedom to break it beyond repair
Than what do you have left, when no longer your heart you can share?
Find peace inside of you, and follow the passion of your hearts desires,
In doing this, and remaining true, you'll live life fully inspired.
No one can see a painting exactly as the one who painted it will do,
But some can capture the idea of what it is the painter drew.
Either way he shared it, he shared his dreams for others to see
And that to me is like love, putting yourself out there,
...saying this is ME
-Kiera Smith  12/21/2010

I just put this lil movie together(let me know if you guys are able to watch it...just click on the video and then hit spacebar i think) anyways, its a few videos from the last month of things i've done, and one of my all time favorite songs. I absolutely LOVE iMovie application on my macbook pro, its the first time i used it, and it was fun. As you'll be able to see i put it together really quickly, but its kinda cool. enjoy.

x x x x x x Kiera

p.s --- as you kan tell this post was a lot more personal...i'll b throwing some of these in this blog just because i kan, and i enjoy sharing these things. They are as much part of me as fashion, this is part of my daily inspirations. I love writing in general, i write a lot of poems, songs, stories, and i love taking pictures as well as making video's out of them. Most of my posts i am going to keep based on fashion, but since this is my personal blog, i'll have some of these too. I am doing a really cool event before Christmas, so i will blog again soon, those who are really into fashion will love it!  <3 Lots of love to you all, and hope you are all having wonderful holidays so far!!!! MWAH

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Here is a little collage i put together of a few of my favorite things at the moment. From left to right...
Alexander McQueen heels and clutch, Burberry trench coat, Lanvin satchel, leather pants by Notify, lip color by Dolce & Gabbana, Fur jacket by Burberry, Alexander McQueen scarves <33333 LOVE

And take a look at the video below....Label.m hair products, get some amazing idea's from the label.m team for awesome hairstyles/cuts x x x

Sending you all LOTS of love <3 xx Kiera Smith

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Fashionspired by november rain

Its the time of year (maybe the holidays) that brings out a lot of emotions in people. And emotions have a huge influence on personal fashion. Emotions and weather. <3 I feel like you get to see people on a deeper or closer(more intimate) level, the styles that come out now always seems more personal than the styles that come out in summer/spring. The clothing people choose to wear in the fall/winter are closer to their personality i think, its like they choose comfort fashions. They stick with what is comfortable (in their own opinion)colors, comfortable fabrics. Or even outfits(shoes) that may not be entirely comfortable "feeling", but they look/feel comfortable in them, because it suits them and is how they choose to dress...Things they already know will work and what they feel great in. And they get to dress with accessories, leggings, scarves, boots...i think you guys get the picture that this is my favorite time of year fashion-wise.

While looking thru one of my favorite fashion websites ""  I came across this page Fashionologie's shoplist for "moody" dresses. Love it.

But mainly my favorite thing about this time of year is the simplicity of the colors.... to get an idea of what i am talking about ...
-Here are a few images released from Zara's November lookbook-

These looks are kinda like simple yet comfortable looks that you can add your own style too, little hints of color, or not....whatever works for you....focusing more on the clothing than the hair

To spend less time on your hair this year take a look at label.m's dry shampoo and the resurrection dust...get that messy bed head, i dont care look...and the best thing about the ressurrection dust is that its SO easy to style your hair once it adds the volume and hold it does....apply it to the roots, and bam, a perfectly unperfect look in minutes <3

Here is the perfect example of what resurrection style dust can do, think Kate Moss

And lastly, and most importantly (to me) :) was

2010 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund's awards

Click on the link above to see a little slide show from about the event. IWISHIWASTHERE!!!!
My two favorite people in the fashion industry, Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld, along with Diane Von Furtsenburg, and the winners Billy Reid, Prabal Gurung, Eddie Borgo

Durning the event Karl gave a speech, and he left us with this beautiful quote."Young goes. But good? If you're good, it may all last."----LOVE IT :) Amazingness

Share with me your favorite looks you've seen so far this november <3 x x x


Thursday, 28 October 2010

Comfort with yourself + fashion = fashion inspiration

...A huge part of fashion is celebrating ure differences, what makes you unique is what makes you, you! Its so very beautiful...everyone has different ideas of style. When someone becomes comfortable in their own sense of style that's when they take on fashion. Embracing their selves and satisfying their senses. And that's the beauty of it. Its when people get caught up in trends and being like others they lose sense of themselves. Every pair of pants you buy to every accessory says a little something about yourself and who you are. And that is all part of fashion. Comfort in your own style. Whether u are influenced from movies, music, or your culture, or other cultures, that influence becomes a inspiration, a fashionspiration

Welcome to my BLOG <3333
                             xx Kiera Smith xx

P.S---What do you guys think of the new Toni & Guy collection, Project 10? 

I freaking LOVE it, and its not just cuz' i modeled for it, (background pic) Toni & Guy is the best! xxxx

Thursday, 14 October 2010

A few of my latest inspirations...

I absolutely LOVE the D & G campaign featuring Scarlett Johansson, the make-up on the right picture is my favorite.

I can see that the red lips and pale face was back big in this last show season, but i especially love this dark purple almost black lip, it goes so amazing with her light blue eyes, amazin'!

YSL commercials are killin it! So hot and just beautiful <3

And the new one 

Belle d'Opium Yves Saint Laurent----my new FAVORITE---

Lanvin x H&M Designer Collaboration 2010 - Alber Elbaz

LOVEs, he is amazing, this is going to be great! Alber Elbaz is so fascinating! Hes a genius of a designer with such an amazing personality. haha i love him. And this is going to be a killer line for H&M

And i will leave you guys with my favorite new artist at the moment - I blame coco

Very kool

Please share with me your latest inspirations and what influences the way you live your day to day life. it could be any thing from fashion to music, to someone walking down the street....My next post i am going to share with you some of my favorite new pieces by some of my favorite designers, and make up/hair looks from this last runway season that i loved.

Look forward to hearing from you and seeing what makes you move....bam x