Thursday, 28 October 2010

Comfort with yourself + fashion = fashion inspiration

...A huge part of fashion is celebrating ure differences, what makes you unique is what makes you, you! Its so very beautiful...everyone has different ideas of style. When someone becomes comfortable in their own sense of style that's when they take on fashion. Embracing their selves and satisfying their senses. And that's the beauty of it. Its when people get caught up in trends and being like others they lose sense of themselves. Every pair of pants you buy to every accessory says a little something about yourself and who you are. And that is all part of fashion. Comfort in your own style. Whether u are influenced from movies, music, or your culture, or other cultures, that influence becomes a inspiration, a fashionspiration

Welcome to my BLOG <3333
                             xx Kiera Smith xx

P.S---What do you guys think of the new Toni & Guy collection, Project 10? 

I freaking LOVE it, and its not just cuz' i modeled for it, (background pic) Toni & Guy is the best! xxxx

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